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If you’re a blogger or an online entrepreneur then you must have heard about affiliate marketing.

And how many bloggers are making thousands of dollars from it!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best & simplest ways to monetize your blog and earn passive income online.

Yet most of the affiliate marketers never even make one sale. Forget making thousands!

In this post, I’ll be showing you 8 things that you must know before starting with affiliate marketing…

Keep these 8 things in mind if you’re planning to be an affiliate marketer & monetize your blog with affiliate links-

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is just a form of marketing by which an affiliate earns a commission by signing up for a brand and selling their product.

It is based on revenue sharing meaning the affiliate gets a commission through the affiliate program when a customer makes a successful purchase through their affiliate link.

For example – If a product is priced at $10 and the company pays 40% commission for each sale. Then if someone buys from the link on my blog I’ll get $4.

The good thing is that the customer gets the product at the usual price.

Now you must be wondering…

What is an affiliate link & how do they work?

An affiliate link is a unique link which contains specific identifiers/trackers such as a randomized series of numbers and letters, your username, or any other means of identification.

Every affiliate marketer gets a different affiliate link for the same product.

When a customer buys through your link, the purchase is recorded and you get a commission.

Here’s how affiliate links work –

How do affiliate links work

I believe you have a good idea about how affiliate links work now.

Selecting the right affiliate programs

Selecting the right and trustworthy affiliate programs is the first step towards succeeding in affiliate marketing.

Once you go with the wrong or SHADY affiliate programs then you can forget about getting paid.

Make sure that you go with the reputable affiliate programs and make sure to check –

  • The niche of the program
  • The commission rate
  • Payment methods
  • Limitations – whether those programs are limited to certain countries

I’ve created a list of 7 affiliate programs that I’m a part of & recommend to others as well. You can get it from below –

Choosing the right affiliate products

After selecting the right affiliate programs, Your next task is to choose the right affiliate products.

Before selecting affiliate products to promote, keep these things in mind

  • Choose products with a proven record
  • Select evergreen products
  • Do not select products on the basis of price alone
  • Always check the sales page of the product
  • Look for high commission products
  • Look for products belonging to a HUNGRY niche.
  • Promote only those products that you’d use yourself.

You’re not gonna make a single dime promoting a wrong product but you can definitely make thousands with the right product.

Having the right legal pages

Disclaimer – The information provided below is for informational or educational purposes only according to my best knowledge. It does not contain any legal form of advice. Please consult a lawyer before taking any legal action.

Since affiliate marketing is based on the sharing of opinions from one person that leads to the purchasing of a product by another it requires a solid foundation of trust between the various parties involved, and your blog’s legal pages are the most effective way to build that trust.

These legal pages include –

  • Privacy policy – Not only a privacy policy builds trust between you and your audience, but it is also legally required by various privacy laws across the world.
  • Disclosure Statement – A disclosure statement is a page which discloses your relationship with the brands you work with to your audience. You can include it in your privacy policy page as well.

Regardless of the structure and strategy of your affiliate marketing company, having accurate and complete legal pages in place is necessary.

Now, you can get a lawyer and pay them thousands of dollars to create these pages for you


You can get these legal page templates which are created by a lawyer and save your thousands of dollars.

A lot of bloggers & online entrepreneurs face lawsuits for not having these legal pages and trust me, you don’t wanna be one of them.

Note – Never copy someone else’s pages as every blog or website is of a different kind and it will be considered as copyright infringement.

Disclose your links properly

If you’re involved in affiliate marketing or doing any sponsored posts then you need to clearly disclose your relationships with the merchants to your audience.

This means that you need to have a disclosure statement on every post or page in which you’re promoting a product or brand.

Even if you got the product for free, you still need to let your readers or followers know the product was supplied by the brand.

The law says the statement needs to be “clear and conspicuous” and you cannot hide it in the middle of the post or page.

The best way to be on the right side of the law is to include the statement at the top of every post or page that you promote products at – Just like I do!

Adding nofollow tag to your affiliate links

Nofollow tag instructs the search engine bots not to crawl the linked page or site and thus the link juice is not passed.

For example –

<a href=”https://domainname.com” rel=”nofollow” >link text</a>

According to Google, All affiliate or paid links should be nofollowed in order to prevent search engine penalties.

You can use a plugin like Pretty links to nofollow your links automatically or you can add the rel=”nofollow” tag to your links manually using the code editor while editing your post.

Pros & Cons of affiliate marketing

You should know that everything has its advantages & disadvantages and so does affiliate marketing.

Pros of affiliate marketing

  • Free and easy to start
  • Multiple channels of income
  • You don’t need to create a product or its sales page
  • You can make money while sleeping
  • No financial risks

Cons of affiliate marketing

  • Very high level of competition
  • Dependency on merchants
  • You’ll need to build an authority for people to trust you
  • Too many links get difficult to manage

Final words

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to monetize your blog and make money online.

You just need to take care of a few things before starting with affiliate marketing to save yourself from getting into trouble.

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8 Things to know before starting with affiliate marketing

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