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12 emails you should be sending to your email list

by | Dec 14, 2019 | E-mail Marketing | 2 comments

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When you heard that having an email list is one of the integral parts of building a successful blog or online business, you started building your email list as well.

Building an email list is mostly technical and strategic. While figuring out what to send to your email list is creative work.

There are times when you just don’t know what to send to your email subscribers apart from your latest blog post.

Notifying your subscribers about your latest post is crucial but you also need to build a relationship with them, engage and treat them as VIP.

You need to provide them with something other than your regular blog posts.

That’s where most of the new bloggers lag behind i.e. not knowing what to send to their lists.

In this post, I’m going to show you 12 types of emails that you should be sending to your email list for better engagement and building a great relationship with your subscribers.

Welcome Emails

Your welcome emails are going to be the most important and impactful emails that you’ll be sending to your email list.

These emails can decide whether your subscribers would want to stay on your email list or not.

Welcome emails are sent after someone subscribes to your email list or signs up for a freebie.

You can send anywhere between 3-7 emails spaced at one or two days each.

Here are a few benefits of sending a welcome email series:

  • Your audience gets to know you better
  • It makes a great first impression with your subscribers
  • Build on the value of the freebie
  • Show your credibility and build authority 
  • Tell your subscribers the benefits and reasons for subscribing to your email list

Announcements and News

One of the perks of being on your email list should be knowing about your latest promos, products, blog posts, and any events related to your blog first.

These emails are not always intended to sell something.

You can use these emails to create excitement about something new that’s coming to their way.

Quick & Useful tips

The most important reason why someone joins your email list is for getting “Value”. Value that could bring a good change in their lives.

One way you can provide value to your audience is by sending them emails containing quick and useful tips.

Receiving useful and quick actionable tips is what makes your email list different from your blog. This also forms a great relationship with your subscribers and reduces the number of unsubscriptions.

Your subscribers would love getting these types of emails. So, always think of quick and useful actionable tips that’ll help your audience.

Favorite tool(s) emails

Another type of email you can send to your email list is a favorite tool(s) emails. It can contain all the tools that you’re using right now or just a single tool that you love.

This would help your readers and you’ll also be able to make some money if you use affiliate links.

Make sure that a few email marketing service providers like Mailchimp don’t allow affiliate links.

Repurposed old blog posts

Blogging is all about content and relationship.

The more new content you produce the more your old content will get buried down in the archives.

Moreover, not everyone is going to be able to read all of your blog posts.

What you can actually do is repurpose those old blog posts and send them to your email list.

This will save your time and your subscribers would also love getting some useful tips that they might have missed in the past.

Featuring other bloggers/blogs

Sending emails that feature other bloggers or blogs from the same niche would add value to your subscribers and show them that you’re not selfish and care about them first.

This way you’ll form a good relationship with other bloggers as well and they’ll get an audience to share value too.

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Product emails

These emails can be used to showcase or promote your new or old products. You can give your audience more insight about your products.

Make sure that you don’t share too many products as it can be overwhelming for your subscribers.

The good thing is that you can also choose to promote other people’s products if you don’t have your own products to promote.

Survey emails

Surveys or polls are a better way to know your subscribers. You don’t have to go personal. It can be anything like their product preferences, reviews or what do they wanna read on your blog next.

It will help you in researching as well as form a great bond between you and your subscribers. Surveys and polls can boost your email engagement.

You can use this research to send targeted emails that will increase your conversion rate as well.

Isn’t that awesome?

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Weekly/monthly Email newsletters

These are the most common type of emails to send to your email list. When people subscribe to your email list, it’s either to receive a freebie or for these regular newsletters.

Make sure to make your newsletters funny, informative, interesting and valuable for your audience.

Also, do not send a newsletter more than once a week. Quality over quantity fella! This will keep your unsubscribe rate low.


Who doesn’t like getting free things?

Giveaways are a great way to keep your subscribers excited and they have a huge potential to go viral.

Not only can it bring tons of exposure to your blog or products but it can also bring lots of new subscribers as well.

Freebie emails

People love freebies.

Freebies could be anything from checklists, worksheets, cheatsheets or PDFs, etc. Make it valuable and your audience is gonna love you for it.

When you create a freebie for your blog posts, make sure to send it to your email list as well.

If you can create extra freebies just for your email list, your subscribers are really gonna feel special.

Thank you emails

Thank you emails are a must to send to your email subscribers.

You can thank your subscribers for signing up, making a purchase, or filling out survey forms, etc.

If your subscribers are showing interest in your blog or business, you have to do the same by showing interest in them and thanking them.

This will grow your relationship with your subscribers and which in turn will grow your business.

Final Words

There’s just a lot that you can send to your email subscribers.

Email marketing can be really powerful if done right. Their email list accounts for the maximum percentage of income for many bloggers.

So, start building your email list and use these 12 emails to send to your email list.

What are the different types of emails that you’re currently sending to your email list?

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12 types of emails you should be sending to your email list

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  • 192

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