Highly Converting EMail Templates

Proven to boost your self/affiliate product sales

It’s no secret that conversion rates are low when you’re trying to persuade cold prospects to buy a product.

That’s one reason so many savvy bloggers or marketers entice prospects onto mailing lists with freebies, and then follow-up with three, five, seven or more emails to build trust and close the sale.

But if you’ve ever created an autoresponder series with the goal of directly selling a product, then you know it’s no walk in the park.

It takes a little finesse to pitch products in a way that seems useful, rather than just giving your readers that uncomfortable feeling that they’re being “sold to.”

That’s where these “fill-in-the-blanks” email templates come in – which you can use to write your autoresponder series, build trust with your subscribers, and start closing more sales, whether it be your own products or some affiliate product.

So give these follow-up templates a try starting today, and see a boost in your conversion rates…

It’s upto you to decide whether a few bucks are important to you or a huge amount of time…

It’ll only take you 1-2 sales to make 10 times the amount of money you’ll be investing in each template…

Self-Product Promotion Templates

E-Mail templates 1

Subject: Download [Name of Freebie Product] Here…

E-Mail templates 2

Subject: The Amazing Story of [Certain Person]…

E-Mail templates 3

Subject: Imagine if you could [get some specific result]…

E-Mail templates 4

Subject: [Specific Result], Redefined…

E-Mail templates 5

Subject: Thinking of getting [Product Name]? Read this first…

>> Special offer – Get all 5 at the price of 4 <<

(Storytelling method) Affiliate-Product Promotion Templates

E-Mail templates 6

Subject: A crazy way to [solve a problem or get a benefit]

E-Mail templates 7

Subject: How to [solve a problem or get a benefit]…

E-Mail templates 8

Subject: The truth about [some problem or some topic]…

E-Mail templates 9

Subject: Everything you ought to know about [some
problem or some topic]…

E-Mail templates 10

Subject: Have you heard about [affiliate product name]

>> Special offer – Get all 5 at the price of 4 <<

>> Super Special offer – Get all 10 at the price of 7 <<

E-Mail templates 11
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