How to Choose your Profitable Blogging Niche

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You are planning to start a blog but you are not sure what to write about or what your blogging niche is going to be. Is that you?

Most of the times successful bloggers will tell you to write about something that you’re passionate about, something that you love to do.

But this sole advice or criteria is not enough to choose a blogging niche that can be profitable someday.

If you’re planning to blog only as a hobby and you have no plans to monetize it or turn it into a business, then you can absolutely write about anything and everything.

But if you’re planning to monetize your content and turn your blog into a profitable business, then you need to look into some other things as well.

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how you can choose a profitable niche for your blog.

Why do you need a blogging niche?

You must be wondering that your blog is your personal space and you can write about anything you want.

You can share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

Well, that’s not the case.

There are no set of rules that force you to choose a single niche and there are people who got success writing about various topics on their blogs.

The problem with writing about everything is that your readers might not be interested in everything you write about.

And it’s difficult to build an audience that way.

On the other hand, if you write about a particular niche, your readers are going to be targeted and interested in that particular topic.

And it’ll be easier to build an audience for your blog and monetize it.

Getting my point?

Now you know its importance, we can move on to choose a profitable blogging niche for you.

Brainstorming ideas

So now we know that you need a niche. But how can you start?

Start by writing down all your interests – whether personal or professional.

We’ll be validating them later. But right now you just have to think and write.

  • Think about the things that you love doing.
  • Things that you love to learn.
  • The magazines or blogs you read
  • The celebs or brands you follow on social media
  • Things that you love to look for on shopping websites

Don’t worry if you feel struck. I’ve created a list of 100+ blog niche ideas that you can grab from below.

Once you’re done with brainstorming ideas for your blogging niche, we can move on to the validation part.

Validating your profitable blogging niche

I hope that you have created a list of ideas until now.

Now it’s time to validate those ideas and find your profitable blogging niche.

To come up with your niche, you need to ask yourself these four questions –

  • How passionate are you about that topic?
  • If people are looking for answers around that topic?
  • Are there any products related to that topic available in the market?
  • Are there people who write in the same niche as well?

All of this might sound overwhelming but trust me, it’s not.

The answer to the first question is obviously going to be yes.

But I’d strongly suggest you not to choose a topic that you’re not passionate about.

It would get really difficult for you to write blog posts around that topic.

Now, let’s validate your ideas through the last three questions.

Are people looking for answers around that topic?

What’s the point of writing around a topic that people are not looking for?


You can easily check whether people are searching for that topic or not by the following methods.

  • Go to Google trends and search for that topic. If you see an upward or sideways trend then it’s a good sign.
  • Search for forums around that topic and look at what questions people are asking there.
  • You can also search for those topics on Quora and Reddit.

This will give you a fine idea about whether that topic is still trending or not.

Are other people writing in the same blogging niche as well?

Having some competition is a good sign. This means that your blogging niche is in demand.

You can easily search for your competition on social media platforms like Pinterest & Facebook.

Just search for the keywords and the top players will pop-up right onto your screen.

If you don’t see anyone with a huge following, then its highly possible that you’re looking for the wrong niche.

If the answers to the above three questions are positive, then your niche has a huge potential.

But to make money from your blog, you need to be positive about the last question as well.

Is that niche monetizable?

What I really mean is that – are there any products available in the market that you can promote?

Three of the best places to look for such products are –

  • Google

One other way to look for such products is to look for what your competitors are promoting.

You can also look if people are selling infoproducts or courses in that niche.

This means that you can also create such products and make money by selling them on your blog.

how to choose a profitable blogging niche

Making the final decision

Since you’ve validated your brainstormed ideas now, you must be left with a single topic or a group of topics.

If you’re left with a single topic or idea, then congrats! that’s your profitable blogging niche.

If you’re left with multiple ideas, then you can write about all of them on your blog.

I’d suggest you to go with each topic one by one or create a systematic plan for posting your blog posts related to each topic.


Once you’re ready with a profitable niche for your blog, all you have to do is to write and publish great content.

Just make sure that you keep your audience targeted, even if your niche is broader.

So tell me now, what’s the topic that you’re planning to write about?

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How to choose a profitable blogging niche

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